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Project Description
vCrossPost is a Windows Live Writer plugin using to cross post to other engines, including Yahoo! 360. This plugin handles Unicode correctly.

How to use:
  • Download the latest release from Downloads section of this project.
  • Follow the installation instruction in the download page.
  • From Windows Live Writer, go to menu Tools\Options, navigate to Plugins section:
  • Enables the plugins by selecting Enable radio button.
  • Click on Options button to enter your's Applications Key (also referenced as User Key).
  • Click on the "..." button to input user user key. If you don't know where to get your user key, click on the link and login to to get your User Key.
  • Select the service that you want vCrossPost to use to cross-post to your other blogs.
  • Click OK and every time you publish a new post, your post will be transferred to to post to your other services.

  • vCrossPost doesn't filter services combo box of services that support blogging. This will be added in later release.

Where can the services be defined/Where can my other blogs be added to cross-post list?
How long will it takes to cross-post to my other blogs?
  • It depends on All vCrossPost does is to transfer your post to to handle.

Update 02 May 2009:
  • I found that vCrossPost does not work with any other account account than mine. The API key has to be submitted for review before it can be used by other users. I've just submitted the key and hopefully the key will work soon. I'll update again once it's OK.

Update 11 May 2009:
  • Application key approved. Plugin is now working.

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